Rely on the local, indulge in the international

At Figo, classic Italian dishes have evolved into modern, refreshed offerings.  Our young culinary talent, full of ideas, works hand in hand with seasoned experts to create the best of old and new.

We prefer to use organic, local produce, wild-caught fish, and grass-fed meats to ensure that our food is flavorful and nourishing.  But we also recognize that certain dishes demand the imported touch, and so we bring in many specialty products.  From seppie and octopus brought from the Mediterranean Sea, to tartufo bianco from Piemonte – at Figo, taste is never compromised.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Figo is modern, but still cozy; stylish, but still accessible; local, but still Italian at its core.  Figo is a place to share food, celebrate flavor, and to be transported when you need to get away.




How should you eat at Figo?

First, taste the small dishes.  Then, share the main entrees and experience all we have to offer.  The menu is your playground, but here are some items you won’t want to miss:

Our tantalizing Sformato di Patate e Zucchine – a savory flan of potatoes, zucchini, and mascarpone cheese with truffle parmesan fondue.

Our authentic Figo Neapolitan Wood-Fired Pizza, made with prosciutto, house burrata mozzarella, and wild arugula.  Our pizzas are fired in less than 90 seconds in a 900-degree oven, and arrive with the perfect mix of textures intact.

Our filling Spaghettini ai Crostacei – spaghettini with a variety of market-fresh seafood, including fresh crab, shrimp, and spot prawns, served over spicy garlic tomato sauce. 

Handcrafted cocktails, designed by World Champion Mixologist Carlo Splendorini, of Michael Mina fame.  With fresh-squeezed juices, and creative components, our cocktails are drinks to remember.

Our way is the way of flavor, and of pure enjoyment of the experience of food.

Visit us, and be transported.